Drain Cleaning

In-Depth Drain Cleaning in Seattle, WA, and Nearby Areas

Brewer's Sewer Repair is a recognized company providing sewer services to the residents of Seattle, WA, and nearby areas. Travis Brewer founded the company in 2018 to provide convenient sewer services to the community. We are committed to giving exceptional service experiences to our customers. We always make sure that we meet their needs on time.

Main Causes of Drain Issues

Blocked pipes and clogged drains usually start as minor issues that later escalate to severe problems. Signs of a blocked drain are; slow water drainage, sewage backup, flooding, and corrosion which can lead to costly repairs. To prevent all these problems, you must first know their causes.


Hair is a primary culprit of clogged drains. To protect your drains from clogs, ensure you have guards to block hair from getting into your drains, and you should clean them regularly.


You cannot use your drains and pipes to wash every type of dirt. To get rid of excess dirt or mud from your clothes and shoes, look for an alternative washing area.

Food waste

Food waste should never get into your drains. Grease and oil should also not go down your drains because they solidify, causing stubborn clogs.

Toilet paper

Excess toilet paper can cause clogs in your drains. However, you can use a plunger to dissolve toilet paper only when there's still running water in your toilet.

Signs to Watch Out for

High water bills

If your regular water bills fluctuate, know there's a leak somewhere. Leaks are difficult to find, so engaging a professional plumber is necessary.

Slow or standing water

If your sink or shower has standing water, know there's a severe clog. Call our technicians to clear your pipes to make your water flow again.

Musty drains

A musty or moldy smell from your bathtub and sink spells trouble. Mold needs moisture and food to grow. So, hair, soap scrum, and other organic materials make a prime breeding ground for mold. Seek our help to eliminate mold in your home.

What to Expect from
Drain Cleaning

When you contact us for professional drain cleaning, we will ask you about your home's plumbing system. We will have a series of questions like whether you had such a problem before and how often it occurs.

Then, we will set a clear plan to ensure that you fully understand the diagnostic process. After that, we will perform diagnostics by testing your plumbing fixtures to know the exact point of the problem. After pinpointing the position, we will run our drain cleaning machine to clear clogs.

We will run multiple fixtures simultaneously to test the water flow to ensure we've cleared all clogs. Finally, we will conduct a camera inspection to ensure everything is in order.



Why DIY Drain Cleaning
is Not Advisable

  • You may aggravate the previous problem.
  • You expose yourself and your pipes to toxic chemicals.
  • Handmade tools can worsen the problem.
  • You are not an expert; therefore, you may not know the exact cause of the clog.

Reasons to Trust
Our Team

  • Free estimates to customers
  • Skilled and experienced technicians
  • Mobile services
  • Prompt services
  • Latest equipment

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